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Student Activities Office
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Director of Student Activities
Anzell N. Harrell Jr.

Building Hours

Monday - Thursday 8:00am - 10:00pm
Friday 8:00am - 12:00am
Saturday 12:00pm - 12:00am
Sunday 2:00pm - 7:00pm

Student Activities Office Hours

Monday - Friday 8:00am - 5pm

Summer Hours are variable for Pre-College and Summer School sessions.

Office of Student Activities is open on evenings by appointment to assist students, advisors, faculty and staff during the academic year.

The Student Affairs Council has designated recognition allowing for new organizations to apply for recognition once a year. Each fall, all organizations must complete paperwork through the Student Affairs Council to ensure that all policies and guidelines are being met to maintain Recognized Student Organization status. The items that must be on file include:

  1. A registration form for the current academic year completed online
  2. List of current officers and contract information
  3. Advisor name and contact information along with the Advisor contract attached
  4. A copy of the by-laws and constitution for the organization
  5. An outline of at least one community service project for the current academic year detailed in an order of operation
    1. Must include a glimpse of prospect events scheduled for the academic year
  6. Letters of support ( only required for those applying to become a new club or organization)

The Office of Student Activities will post the dates of the Student Affairs Council Meeting that will hear the petitions for recognition as well as the Student Organizational Fair (this fair is the opportunity to display all recognized Student Organizations to new students that are interested in membership).

All new organizations are required to submit applications and for Reactivation/Recognition by the University and plans of operation for approval by the Student Affairs Council, which then forwards them, with its recommendations, to the Student Development Leadership Team, which must also approve such applications and plans of operation. Any changes in the constitution or plans of an existing organization must also be submitted for approval.

Basic Contents of Acceptable Constitutions

  1. Organizational Meetings to develop tenets of the Organization’s charter (at least 2) should be held.
  2. Constitution must define the following:
    1. Purpose of organization (a preamble may be included)
    2. Membership eligibility
    3. Officers of Administration:
      President, Treasurer, Vice President, Secretary Sgt.-At-Arms, Ombudsman Chaplain, Recording Secretary (optional); other functionaries as needed
    4. Term(s) of office and qualifications (in accordance with minimum standards established by the University) and election procedures.
    5. Rules of Order for business and meetings (Usually based on Roberts Rules of Order) including meeting schedule(s).
    6. Provisions for termination of membership, withdrawal of privileges and other discipline including officers, members, advisor(s) and associate members.
    7. Provisions for financial obligations of members, fund-raising activities, budgets and financial summaries at end of fiscal/school year.
    8. Provisions for Faculty or Staff advisor participation and selection, rule and duties with approval of advisor(s) in accordance with University Policy.
    9. Affiliations with regional or national bodies are clearly defined (if applicable).
    10. Amendment process clearly defined to change or add sections of the constitution.

Student Organization Form

NOTE The Student Organization Application / Activation process is closed for the semester.

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